Ljubljana Plastic-Free

Nativa team members are determined to use less plastic in their lives – at home and when traveling. Though we had to change a couple of buying habits, our second plastic-free week in Ljubljana was possible! Here are our zero plastic favorites…

Free public drinking fountains in Ljubljana made it much easier for us to go plastic-free. Here’s the map of their locations: Ljubljana drinking water fountaines.

A legendary Slovenian ‘┼ímorn’ served without plastic (wooden plates and forks) at ‘Open Kitchen’ food market.

Self-catering facilities with garden are great for plastic-free lifestyle. Not to mention the genuine taste of vegetables.

We bought fresh milled oats for breakfast at Trgovina Mok’ca. They offer 3% discount, if you bring your own packaging.

After a tasty meal at Ljubljana food market, make sure that organic waste goes for composting whenever possible. Kind public service Snaga Ljubljana instructors are here to guide us.

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